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Sisters of Serenity

Provides empowerment programs and mentorship for women. We strive to enhance their lives through small groups, mentoring, events, community involvement, workshops and products that inspire individuals to embrace their passion and fulfill their God given purpose.


Sisters of serenity allowed me to open up and be vulnerable about issues I didn’t even know I had. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction each week with the other ladies, and meeting new people. I felt very empowered and enlightened by the insight the others brought each week, and I have really missed it since it ended. It was helpful to know that others face battles similar to yours, or that you can help them in areas that are your strength.

Tiffany M. Kay

I’ve only been with “Sisters of Serenity” a short time, a lot of the ladies I previously knew and know. And I’ve also met some new ladies that feel like we’re sisters as well. It’s like everyone has a gift that each of us needs like for instance a gift of… listening, laughter, cheerful disposition and affection for one another. I guess I’m just trying to say being in each of you all’s company draws each of us closer to the father by being our “Sisters keeper!” And Then We Rise!

Alma Walker

Thank you Prophetess Tanya Jefferson for such wonderful spirit filled sessions you provided for the many women that had the commonalities of needing one another! Thank you for putting the “Sisters” back in the “Sisters of Serenity”… It provided healing, a safe place to be transparent, it helped by getting me out of my comfort zone, tools to overcome obstacles and challenges, but most important a unit of support from other women. Sisters of Serenity was so much in so many ways!!! May God continue to pour back into you what you’ve already poured into Us…many thanks and salutations to you.

Min. Yolanda Anderson

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.